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Brides of the World

  #bride #dress #style #personalshopper #trends #world European content When we think of a bride, we usually visualize her in a beautiful white dress. Around the world, tradition changes according to religious beliefs, clans or continents. Specifically the bridal dress in European countries is what we all know, a white wedding dress to the taste

E-Commerce 2019 Trends: Customer

    #ecommerce #2019 #trends #customercentric #customization How many companies says that the customer comes first, second and third? The rise of customer centric, however, has made it a reality. And it is that only the best ecommerce have understood the importance of offering a service of the highest quality with the greatest possible adjustment

Social Commerce

Social Commerce #socialcommerce #2019statics #trends #ecommerce The rise of mobile traffic has found a perfect all for the growth of electronic commerce: Social Commerce. This trend is the meeting point between social networks and ecommerce, a pairing with multiple benefits for brands and consumers, initially proposed by Yahoo! in 2005. And it is that the