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Charming Accessories

  #charming #vintage #fashion #tips #blog Safety when we were little we have used the typical hairpins that the majority they were much decorative. They became fashionable for several periods, but the most recent it was in 90’s, as yet, where the hairpins have returned in our lives. The 2019 has become a year of

Little Black Dress

    #fashion #trend #black #dress #little Surely more than once you have put on a black dress during the day, for the office, a funeral, a party or to enjoy free time. To this day, it is something totally normal, but it was not always like that. In the 20s women wore light colors,

Get the most out of your sneakers!

  #sneakers #outfit #style #fashion Are you still stuck on the belief that sneakers are only meant to be worn with jeans? Let me tell you that this is changing. Today, sneakers are worn with every type of outfit, even work and formal attire. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at how sneakers can