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New Payment Methods

    #payment #methods #ecommerce #innovation One of the biggest sources of friction between the consumer and electronic commerce is the available payment methods. This is the reason why every year millions of online shopping carts are abandoned, which has promoted companies to launch new and innovative payment methods in retail environments, such as Pay

E-Commerce 2019 Trends: Customer

    #ecommerce #2019 #trends #customercentric #customization How many companies says that the customer comes first, second and third? The rise of customer centric, however, has made it a reality. And it is that only the best ecommerce have understood the importance of offering a service of the highest quality with the greatest possible adjustment

Social Commerce

Social Commerce #socialcommerce #2019statics #trends #ecommerce The rise of mobile traffic has found a perfect all for the growth of electronic commerce: Social Commerce. This trend is the meeting point between social networks and ecommerce, a pairing with multiple benefits for brands and consumers, initially proposed by Yahoo! in 2005. And it is that the

2019 buying habits

    #habits #buying #trend #ecommerce #buyer Study by IAB Spain, advertising and digital communication association in Spain, has presented the Annual Study of eCommerce 2019. (July 4, 2019) Uses and buying habits Currently, 7 out of 10 Internet users buy online, which translates into 20.3 million spanish between 16 and 65 years old; being