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Brides of the World

  #bride #dress #style #personalshopper #trends #world European content When we think of a bride, we usually visualize her in a beautiful white dress. Around the world, tradition changes according to religious beliefs, clans or continents. Specifically the bridal dress in European countries is what we all know, a white wedding dress to the taste

Little Black Dress

    #fashion #trend #black #dress #little Surely more than once you have put on a black dress during the day, for the office, a funeral, a party or to enjoy free time. To this day, it is something totally normal, but it was not always like that. In the 20s women wore light colors,

What is your Ideal Dress to Gain Height?

    #dress #ideal #fit As women, the unnecessary pressure to be a certain height or an ideal weight can make any girl vulnerable to purchasing that #LBD they’ve been eyeing for months. Understanding what works on for our individual body shapes can help us optimize the harmony of our proportions, leaving us feeling sexy