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What to Bring in the Suitcase for Your Trip to Ibiza

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Your trip to Ibiza is right around the corner. The only thing left to do is pack your suitcase! But what should I bring? Will it be good weather? Do people dress up all the time? Will I need to bring my floaties?

There are many questions we ask ourselves when we go on a trip, whether with family, friends or a couple.

Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean where you will find very homelike and welcoming people. Ibiza is known for its good weather but for we have the good luck that good weather abounds, but when he decides to do bad, he gets it intensely and still it is still precious.

Well, once the trip is planned, we have to make sure we know what time we will meet.

You will pack different things for different times of the year in Ibiza.

If you are to go in the summer with friends and are around the ages of 25-35, plan to go to the beaches, visit hidden places, and watch Ibiza’s beautiful sunsets. you can not miss a sports or flip flops. You will want to pack your best summer clothes, such as shorts, linen or chambray. Chambray is a nice airy denim fabric to wear to help combat for the humid heat of the island.

Pack lots of short sleeve T-shirts or tank stops, cotton is suggested. If your plans include hitting the beach clubs and bars, take into account the humidity and pack a breathable outfit. These places tend to get packed so staying cool and hydrated is important. Bring comfortable shoes as you will be walking through Ibiza whether you decide to hike up the ocean cliffs or walk to the massive pool parties. Speaking of pool parties, a swimsuit or bikini is essential.

If you are to visit Ibiza with the family and are between 50-60 years old, switch out those socks and boat shoes for your favorite beach flip flops. Opt for Bermuda shorts and a linen shirt, as it is a very breathable fabric and comfortable to wear. Pack a single pair of long pants for those breezy nights on the beach.

For women, we suggest bringing a handful of short-sleeved shirts, blouses, shorts, skirts, and a dress or two. Pack comfortable versatile flats, sandals, shoes or a which will minimize luggage. Once again, don’t forget your cutest swimsuit or bikini for all your awesome photos you will take.

Take into greater account the places we will go and what you will do if you are between 20-30 years old and traveling with your partner. If you are planning to do a more relaxing beach vacation you will want to pack more comfortable clothes, such as trousers short and short sleeve shirts. If you are wanting to explore the island and enjoy the nightlife pack dresses and rompers for the ladies and nice linen tops and dress pants for men.

If we want to party, we can choose all kinds of looks, from the most beach to the most elegant.

If you want to close your look with a compliment or a piece of clothing to go to the purest Ibiza style, these are some of the places you can visit:

1. Bonet hat shop located at C / Comte de Rosselló, 6. Ibiza

2. If you want to give it a touch of shine you should go to the Elisa Pomar jewelry store, you will find it in C / Castelar, 1. Ibiza

3. If you want to wear some more exclusive garment, Charo Ruiz will find unique garments to match your outfit. This store is located on the Paseo de Vara de Rey, 4. Ibiza.

4. Another shop where we can find clothes and textures of the island, is in Pepa Bonett, in Baleares street, 6 Ibiza

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