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What Kind of Jean is Best for You?

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Jeans: Everybody has their favorite pair. These pants have become a staple in everyone’s closet, thanks to their great versatility and means of personalization. All ages wear denim for different occasions, ranging from work to school to a night out. With an overwhelming amount of styles and colors to try, it’s easy to get lost in denim trends and not know what will fit comfortably while complimenting your figure.

We have put together a few steps to help you discover your new favorite pair of jeans:

To begin, light colors tend to expand the figure of the body. If your goal is to divert attention, we recommend wearing dark jeans: You will look thinner by hiding your hips and thighs.

We recommend always having a dark and a neutral pair because they can be combined with everything.

For women with wider hips, it is important to use dark pants because they create the optical effect of disguising the size and stylize your look. The sizing and seams should be straight and dark because they make you look thinner. Purchasing a pair of high-waisted jeans is also a good idea, as it elongates your legs and has a slimming effect.

For girls with smaller hips, we have other strategies for you! We suggest cigarette-style jeans with back pockets, which make your butt more visible. Side details are also a good way to draw attention to your figure and emphasize curves. It is also better to use low-cut jeans so that your hips stand out.

For short women, making yourself seem taller without heels may seem impossible, but we found a solution. Low-rise jeans are not your friend in this case. To give the illusion of height, we recommended wearing high-rise denim so your legs seem longer and more stylized.

For those who are tall and thin, it’s in your best interest to avoid super skinny trousers because they will make your legs look longer than they are already are. Choose a looser style in a lighter tone to draw attention to your outfit and away from your height.

For those with a flat backside, we recommend highlighting this area by pockets with flaps. To give an illusion of a rounder backside, these should be located in the upper part of the pants. Not to mention, the pockets add a unique, stylistic touch to any basic pair of denim.

When it comes to a wider backside, jeans that are straight cut, medium to high-rise, and a dark color will be your best ally. Pairing this with a long and loose shirt will work in your favor and compliment the voluminous area.

We suggest jeggings for muscular legs. This will make it more comfortable when wearing jeans in your day-to-day activities. They are practically new and have a percentage of spandex that adds horizontal and vertical elasticity.

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