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Vudoir x Lola Casademunt - Interview

At the Retail and Brand Experience World Congress, Vudoir had the chance to interview Carlota Modolell of Lola Casademunt. Lola Casademunt is a fashion, jewelry, and accessory store based in Barcelona, Spain. Read the interview to learn more about the company’s online sector and e-commerce strategies:


Carlota: My name is Carlota Modolell and I work at Lola Casademunt. It is a clothing brand that started in Cardedeu, Barcelona. The company is currently in the process of a very important transformation: It started as an accessory company and is now working to professionalize everything. I came to Lola Casademunt to digitize the company and create the website. Right now, I am the e-commerce manager but I also work on the company’s image. This is very important in the sales part of fashion e-commerce and the communication part of events and marketing because all is connected.

What actions does Lola Casademunt take to provide customers with a successful online shopping experience?

Carlota:I think right now the biggest trend is omnichannel personalization. Within this, there are two types of fashion e-commerce: the large, fast-fashion companies, such as Mango and Inditex, and the smaller firms that provide quality differentiation. I think this product differentiation is what the user is looking for, so we have to incorporate this into our website so the customer feels the experience that is being lost in the store. We are not doing great things right now online to bring the store experience to the web; What we are trying to do is have a good customer service policy, respond and listen to our customer as fast as possible, and open all channels of online communication, not just the classics forms such as telephone and email, but all social networks. The most we can do now is see what we sell and offer what customers want. Personalization is to see what our sales ranking is, offer products on a maximum number of websites and newsletters, show different product combinations, and host campaigns. In terms of campaigns, we have promotions and a few discount clients whom we contact directly. We can do this now but, ideally, we would adapt more and make online more like a store.

How does Lola Casademunt motivate customers to complete a purchase?

Carlota: Lola is a very small firm, so right now we are not doing much. We don’t do much marketing, but we focus on commercial actions to increase our conversion. For us, it is very important to not only observe, but analyze our website data, interpret the analytics that is our super ally, and see how in-store purchases compared to online. We want to give our clients what they are looking for. Coming from the commercial branch, I know what will be sold the most and how to give the customer what she likes. I think the big error of commercial websites or people who do not work online is to believe that the web is the great savior of what is not sold. What you have to do online is offer what customers like and offer them a comparison, which to me is a great solution. The client captures this, you are able to understand their taste, and ultimately you can give her what she is looking for.

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