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Types of Bangs

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Are you looking to change up your everyday hairstyle? Are you feeling indecisive about a risky cut? Do you want to try bangs but don’t know which type is best? Don’t worry! We are here with advice to help you discover which type of bangs you want to try.

It’s time to lose the fear of bangs and take a step forward! Find the courage to change your hairstyle completely.

Most young women tend to wear bangs because of the childlike appearance they provide. However, this is a big mistake. Each style depends on how we wear the bangs and the cut. Bangs never go out of style, since they depend on the way they’re worn and face shape of each person. It can be daring and even scary, but a change can always be good for you, as well as for your style.

Open or Curtain Bangs

These are fashionable, straight, and comfortable bangs. They are longer than normal, extending below the eyebrows and opening in the middle, like a curtain, to reveal the woman’s eyes. It is one of the most favorable and sensual styles of bangs. It can be combined with any type of hairstyle, from straight to curled to a ponytail, and can even be "removed" by pinning back if desired.

Long Open Bangs

To achieve this perfect style of bangs, you have to prevent them from falling straight in front of your face; The bangs have to fall down the sides to create a natural and simple effect, with a youthful appearance.

Remember that the charm of this hairstyle is to give a more casual and carefree appearance by clearing much of the forehead.

Side Bangs

This is one style that most people try if they have a round face; It conceals more of the face, by falling diagonally to one side, than other styles. We suggest using soft lacquer or fixing foam to keep this style in place and looking on-trend all day.

To maintain these bangs, retouching them every two or three weeks is necessary to avoid them growing too long or losing their shape.

Straight bangs

This is one of the most demanded and the most fashionable. It is very good with any type of hair, no matter the length, but fits best with oval faces. We recommend thick hair for this type of bangs for the best turn out.

Long bangs

Long bangs never go out of fashion and are also very youthful. In order to pull off this cut, you have to have at least medium-length hair, no matter if it’s curly or straight.

This is one of the most flattering bangs for people with an oval face, although it generally looks good on any face shape. It is the most popular among different types of hairstyles, not to mention convenient, since you can tuck long bangs back whenever you want.

We hope our advice inspires you to finally get that risky haircut that you’ve been debating - Do not give up until you find it!

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