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Tips to take advantage of the full potential of online media in online fashion

Actualizado: 9 de abr de 2019

One of the most valuable contributions of the recent report "inspiration for the fashion industry in social networks" is the detection of the keys that all companies in the fashion world should take into account when caring for their presence in the social world I Day. In particular, the points to be highlighted are:

Brand identity

It is essential to personalize the image and content of fashion brands on social networks to ensure that, in the event that these contents become viral, there is no doubt that they represent that particular company. In addition, it is of great importance to maintain the style and personality of the brand when publishing, since not all the contents and messages are usable by all the brands.

Seeking to be social

The whole company must be involved in social networks for example, integrating customer service in different social platforms, and being as active as possible in them.

Being innovative and creative to create publicity

Currently the amount of information and content emitted by the brands is innumerable.

A way of giving value, customer loyalty and highlighting in a very innovative way would be to add Vudoir's solution to the fashion E-commerce, and then create publicity in the online media. Also, if ecommerce is not attractive, easy to use and offers a good experience, the user does not buy and goes to the competition. Vudoir is a solution through which the client can receive a second opinion from a personal shopper to their specific doubt, in real time and with positive feedback that create a relationship 1to1 with the client. The user enjoys and engages while buying, spending more time on the web and having a better user experience. This translates into greater conversion: from 1.5 to 4 times.

Thinking about the visual

The biggest asset of the fashion brands is to make their products beautiful and attractive to the users. Similarly, companies should focus on providing strong visual appeals on the various social platforms, on their website and on their service.

Analyze everything

In a competitive market like the current one, it is necessary to revise all the published contents, submitting to analysis and compared that allow to optimize the campaigns of publicity online. The data is a treasure that fashion companies can not waste.

Promote the best content

Analytics tools should enable fashion companies to discover which content has a better performance, and promote them to achieve higher engagement rates and a higher reach.

To finish, it is important to highlight that the satisfaction of the customer after the realization of the purchase is more and more important. Getting satisfied customers is being able to create a niche in the minds of customers and create a preference for our product or brand. It is clear that the customer is satisfied after the purchase is good for the company in its entirety and that is why looking for this satisfaction must be a fixed objective for any business.

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