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Tips for sell in front of the new digital funnel

Actualizado: 4 de abr de 2019

According to an article by Google, we know that the digital funnel has changed.

The studies done by Google reveal that currently Internet users buy in a totally personalized way, even in front of the same categories and products.

The trips during the sessions of navigation of the users, are totally different, there are not two trips that are totally equal.

There are three types of travel:

Some trips last for weeks or months.

Others are short and with a clear purpose.

For others, a purchase does not mean the end of the trip.

The reason for this change is digital technology. Buyers are now in control of their route and can explore thousands of options. Google analyzed the data from the clicks flow of thousands of users as part of an optional panel to get more information about the new behavior of users.

Key points for marketers:

Be there

Netizens need and expect to be assisted at each stage during the purchase process. It is essential to measure and understand the impact of your multimedia contact points on the consumer's journey. Align marketing with business results and try to understand the intention, interactions and signals that drive long-term growth.

Be useful

People are more receptive to brands that understand their needs and end up responding in a positive way to them. For this reason, it is very important to optimize the media, both in the relevance and the value of the brand.

You also have to understand that some customers spend more than another. You have to know how to distinguish customers that are really profitable.

An example of assistance in the online channel for fashion e-commerce in front of phenomena such as choice overload is Vudoir. It is a new solution that improves the shopping experience by helping you make a final decision and increases the conversion.

Be fast

To achieve success, brands must offer experiences that are fast and frictionless. We must invest in mobile experiences, as well as in an automation and automatic learning strategy. Automated learning can help you understand and predict intention.

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