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New technology with customized beauty innovations at CES 2019, by Olay

Olay is currently located at the Consumer Electronics shows in Las Vegas. CES is the meeting point for all those who thrive in the consumer technologies business. It has served as a testing ground for innovators and innovative technologies for 50 years. Olay is announcing products and services that seek to offer a fully customized skin care experience for its consumers.

They want to offer a more personalized and digitalized skin care experience for consumers.

The brand is announcing three updates of its services:

Olay Skin Advisor

Olay Labs

Olay FaceNavi Smart Wand

What are these services?


Olay Skin Advisor, the latest version introduces the OLAY future you simulation, which allows you to visualize how your face will look in the future through different scenarios to help you make better decisions for long-term skin care. The second, Olay whips Simulator, allows the user to virtually test the products of the whips line and show what their result would be. Finally the skin decoder, is a camera accessory to the user's phone that offers high resolution images that allow a detailed diagnosis and skin tracking.

The investment of Olay in this personalized advice has caused a great success in the company since the 2016 and its application has received more than 5 million of visits.


Last year, they launched Olay Labs, to combine automatic learning with the human experience to create a four-week tailored skin care regimen. He made it through an algorithm that can learn and adapt to the user's skin in real time and advise. In 2019, they envisage launching a new service that will create customized products adapted to the necessities of the client.


It is a smart wand that connects to a mobile application to offer the consumer a personalized diagnosis and treatment. It uses electromagnetic energy to read the user's mask and transmit it to the application to adapt to the client's problems.

Olay realized all this by the hand of the current, which is a consultancy that transforms through technology the sector of fashion, beauty and retail brands. It offers integration and innovative experiences driven by a network of first-class technologies and startups.

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