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L'Oreal with modiface and Vudoir, maybe a perfect match

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L’Oreal has just released Modiface, a new virtual reality platform, that will allow customers to test beauty products while shopping on Amazon. This technology will allow shoppers to “try on” different shades of lipstick online by taking photos and videos with their phones.

With customers having the ability to try on products at anytime and anywhere, L’Oreal is providing customers with an online experience that reflects shopping at a physical store.

This is a crucial element that e-commerce retailers must give their customers if they want to encourage online shopping. With today’s online shopping environment having an overwhelming variety of products, customers need the company’s assistance to ease the decision-making process; They need reassurance that the product they’re buying will work, even without being able to interact with it or try it on. The only concept missing in this situation is having a professional stylist there to make the shopping experience even more effective.

That is where Vudoir comes in: Vudoir provides customers with real-time, expert advice when shopping with fashion, beauty, and home decoration e-commerce retailers. Alleviating customers of their doubts motivates them to complete their purchase because they are more confident in the product’s effectiveness. This improves their overall satisfaction as well as the company’s sales and conversion rates.

Combining Vudoir’s AI-backend widget with other technologies, such as Modiface, would be a perfect match for the customers, from personal assistance to the ability to test products before buying. Not only does it bridge the gap between physical stores and online e-commerce, but it leads the customer to the exact product that they’re looking for, which is every retailer’s end goal.

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