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A Curvy Body Can Also Go to the Beach!

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In an advanced society with countless stereotypes regarding body image, choosing a bathing suit can be a stressful, chaotic experience. Don’t let these assumptions shy you away from the opportunity to work what your mama gave you! Every girl deserves to feel confident in their swimsuit and by following these easy tips, you will be able to find the suit that will have you counting down the days till your next beach trip.

First, we must understand the type of body figure we have.

Each body shape is different but we find that most women fall under the categories of an hourglass, inverted triangle, triangle, rectangle, or oval.

An hourglass figure is characterized by having a marked waist. This allows the opportunity to play with prints, colors, and fabrics. If you fall under this category, take advantage of the wide range of possibilities.Most suits are sold separately. Find a top or bottom you feel comfortable with and explore the leading trends for the season. Step out of your comfort zone and try that new style you never thought you would. A pair of high waisted bottoms is an excellent choice that will emphasize your figure. Adding length to your body, these fashionable bottoms enhance your silhouette while keeping everything tucked in. Comfort is important when choosing a suit and will increase confidence.

It is recommended that women with an inverted triangle figure soften their upper part of the torso, ie the shoulders and highlight their lower half. Straying away from ruffled or layered tops and opt towards one that has minimal volume. Furthermore, try to avoid light colors. To compensate, select a pair fun stylish bottom. This is your chance to make your suit unique to your style. Look for bottoms that have bows, strips, fringes, horizontal lines, or floral print. Selecting a bottom with these components gives you the volume that is needed to complement your figure visually and highlight your finest assets.

Women with Triangular figures should take advantage of swimsuits that have a dropped sleeve as these strengthening the shoulders. If you are searching for a bikini, look for a pair of dark colored bottoms. We suggest purchasing a light colored top with wide straps that has a low neckline that is not too deep. For one shoulder tops, choose one that has added volume on the strap such as ruffles. Keep in mind the idea of ​​adding volume to the shoulders is to flatter your silhouette.

If you are looking for a one-piece suit, we recommend one that is multicolored or patterned. Starting dark the bottom, the design should move upwards as the color should rises on the body.

is to Successfully defining one’s the chest and the waist is the objective for women with a Rectangular figure. These tips below will help this seemingly difficult proposition obtainable.

For bikinis, look for a suit that is horizontal/off the shoulder or has an “H” shape. Spice things up by adding ruffles to your top while keeping the bottoms seamless and rounded.

For our busty women, make sure to get a suit that has at least one strap to keep the girls perky and in place. The most flattering colors are dark tones, such as garnets, navy blue, black …

Last and not least the oval silhouette. We must use more linear garments for this body figure. For bikinis, we suggest suits with two wide straps for chest support of the chest and a sweetheart neckline. Depending on personal taste, bottoms can be low or high rise. It is recommended that the top and bottom match in color as it helps structure the body and mark the figure. Avoid whiter colors that are bright or luminous as well as suits with large prints, contrasting colors, and rounded seams.

For the style of the swimsuit, it is important to consider the type of neckline you have. If you have a lot of chests, you should turn towards a sweetheart neckline, since the grip is greater and more supportive. A V-shape suit that is not too deep, round, or has a neck box (popular in the last few seasons) is suggested for our small chested girls. You can also look for a swimsuit with black sidelines and a small print with a dark background, as it helps to conceal the volume. When deciding on one of these suits, It is preferred that you choose one with dark color without much contrast line of the black sides and the color of the center.

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