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2019 marketing trends

Marketing evolves unchecked as few sectors, this new dynamic forces brands to take into account the technologies that are trends within marketing strategies



They are a novel and effective way to be in contact with the audience through Artificial Intelligence in Social Networks, to solve doubts, transmit offers and even make sales.

Voice Search Voice

searches are based on artificial intelligence tools that interpret the way people talk. They will be an ally of marketing and SEO strategies.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing consists in series of collaborative links between brands and companies and those people with high visibility and prominence on the Internet, who are known as 'influencers'.

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

The AI ​​can create prediction models of purchase. For example, Customer Journey models based on predicting behaviors that are based on certain events, such as the score of customers based on their likelihood of converting. Advertising, chatbots, voice searches, among others.

Ephemeral Content

The stories of Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp states are increasingly popular in social networks. These contents stand out for being ephemeral, they disappear after 24 hours, and they are characterized by being informal and showing everyday scenes.

Video Marketing

84% of the content consumed on the internet is audiovisual. 9 out of 10 Internet users consume videos of the brands that follow on social networks. Video marketing has a positive impact on sales and ROI.

Augmented Reality

Allows generating memorable experiences for consumers. Mix the digital with the real through mobile applications.

The Future of Retail

Augmented reality, virtual, digital wallets, use of robots in stores and deliveries via drones are just some of the trends that will revolutionize the future of the retail industry.


Remarketing is a system that allows you to create personalized or tailored ads for users who previously visited a web page. It is a solution associated with the objective of achieving a better return on investment (ROI).

Small Data Small

data is data that is small enough for human understanding. They are data in a volume and format that makes them accessible, informative and processable. The term "big data" is about machines and "small data" is about people.


It is based on geographic information systems allowing analyzing the situation of a business through the exact location of customers, points of sale, competition and other factors of relevance by collecting them on a personalized map for each client.

Omnichannel Metrics

Analyzing the effectiveness of so many channels should be a priority, creating a strategy based on metrics, behavior tracking and comprehensive analytical reports.

In marketing the most important thing is always to be updated, in the trends and in the behavior of the client. If we want to make a correct marketing plan follow these strategies. In this way our strategies will work and triumph.

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